Akina is a featured bride in our wedding portraits. Her fresh look represents a bride that is very happy and excited on her day.

The Details

Here’s the list of materials necessary to achieve these portraits:

  • Gown by Marvin Garcia, a well-known fashion designer
  • Hair and makeup by Donna Porras


I have used the following to achieve these shots:

  • Nikon D750, a very capable full-frame camera that I use in wedding events due to it’s superb low-light performance
  • Nikon AF 80-200 f/2.8 of 1988, a top pro zoom in its time but still provides very sharp results and great image quality which is important when covering weddings


My style in wedding photography is to shoot available light not only it’s free from bells and whistles in setting up but it is portable especially in fast-paced situations. Most clients will really appreciate that you take their pictures as quick as you can without compromising quality.


As a wedding photographer, I am expected by my clients to direct them in posing. For wedding portraits, It is very crucial for my subjects to relax so I talk to them first, get to know them and try to win them. Once they are comfortable then the job becomes easier. Akina knows some posing but I asked her to give me relaxed poses as I don’t want to covey high fashion statements.


I post-process my images depending on the theme that I’m shooting. For weddings, I use bright and pink tones in order to convey a message of happiness while sticking to natural look of my portraits.


I love weddings and my team is dedicated to provide you the images from the best of our abilities. If you wish to view our entire wedding collection, you can click here. If you are interested in our services, please leave a message by clicking this link and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.